Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Windows update hangs or Windows 7 keeps on checking or searching updates

Are you having one of the following problems related to Microsoft windows 7 update.
  • Windows 7 keeps on checking update or searching updates
  • Windows update stopped working
  • Microsoft windows does not install the pending updates
  • Windows does not show the installed updates.
  • No windows updates after you install IE9.
  • Windows7 failed to install updates many times.
  • Windows update hangs

Cause: The problem is due to the default registry size limit in windows 7 which is is 0x8000000 (134217728). You can increase the registry size limit by following steps


Open regedit (Run regedit)

Then goto and modify the value


Key: RegistrySizeLimit, Type: REG_DWORD, Value: 0x8000000 (134217728)

Change the value: 0xFFFFFF (4294967295)

Now reboot the system and check for the updates. You should be able to update