Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Windows 7 - MS Word Likes to Crash

I am using a Thinkpad L412 with Win7 SP1

MS Word 2007 crashes whether I am saving a document or closing one. It happens WAY too often, I tried several workarounds including disabling some of my add-ons. Finally I did what most people would do and uninstalled the entire Office 2007 suite, after reinstalling MS Word worked without any hickups. It wasn't until i used MSU to reinstall the updates that Word crashed once again. This has led me to believe that it is one of the 20 thousand updates (including SP 1) that could be the cause but uninstalling those didnt work either.

Finally I got rid of the problem and found the cause.

Lennovo had installed driver for Bluetooth "Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced data rate software"

As I was using windows 7 it automatically installed driver for Bluetooth causing Office applications to crash.

To resolve the  issue I uninstalled driver for bluetooth "Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced data rate software" and rebooted system.

Problem gone :)