Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Ways to Reduce Help Desk Costs

It doesn't matter if your organization's IT help desk requirements are satisfied in-house or outsourced, there are very tangible costs directly related to the misuse of privilege.  Whether that misuse was intentionalaccidental or indirect is only a matter of impact to your bottom-line.
These costs can add up.  According to a 2009 Gartner -IT Key Reduce help desk costsMetrics Data Summary Report "the average help desk cost per call is $23" while "83% help desk staff is in-house versus 17% outsourced" and a "single help desk employee will average 471 calls per month."  The IDC Report -The Relationship between IT Labor Costs and Best Practices for Identity and Access Management with Active Directory projected that "the cost of desktop configuration errors costs $120 per PC per year."
Calculating your costs is as simple as plugging in your values to this equation:
Total #help desk calls (desktops/laptops) X $23 = Your Yearly Costs
Implementing a least privilege solution and eliminating admin rights on desktops and laptops can have a dramatic positive impact on these costs.  According to the whitepaper Reducing the Threat from Microsoft Vulnerabilities you can achieve a 92% reduction in exploited vulnerabilities by eliminating admin rights and according to Gartner - Organizations That Unlock PCs Unnecessarily Will Face High Costs you can achieve a savings of $1,237 per PC per year.
If you are interested in these types of savings then you may be interested in a free evaluation of a solution to establish least privilege for your desktops and laptops.
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