Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Configure LDAP on HP LaserJet Multifunction Printers

One of the convenient features of the HP LaserJet Multifunction Printer (MFP) series is the ability to populate the Control Panel with network user email addresses by utilizing ldap. This function is especially useful in Windows Active Directory environments. Once ldap connectivity is established with a domain controller, network user changes are immediately displayed and accessible at the printer. This article will review the minimal steps needed to configure ldap connectivty between an HP MFP and Windows Active Directory.
The following screen shots are from a M3035 MFP. The network environment consists of a Windows Server 2003 based domain and Exchange 2003.
First access the MFP web interface and select the "Digital Sending" tab
digitalsend.jpgThen select "LDAP Settings"
ldapselect.jpgConfigure "Addressing Settings"  (click image for full size)  
ldapaddressing.jpgCheck off "Allow Device to directly access an LDAP Address Book" then fill in the login credentials. Note the "Username" is in UPN format. Included with the Windows 2003 Support tools is an ldap browser (ldp.exe) that can be used to find the proper UPN path for your environment. The "Find Server" function is optional and can be used to scan the network for ldap servers. You'll need to apply the credentials settings first before using "Find Server." Enter the LDAP Server ip address (your domain controller) manually if you already know it.
Fill out Searching the Database fields (click image for full size)
Enter the UPN path to the Active Directory container where all your users reside in the "Search Root" field. Select "Active Directory Defaults" from the drop down menu then apply your settings and select "Test."
ldapsuccess.jpgActive Directory user name and email addresses should now be accessible under the Scan to Email function at the printers Control Panel. These settings were successfully configured and tested more recently on a newer HP M4345 MFP printer and should apply to most if not all of the MFP series machines. If you recieve a fail status, re-check your credentials configuration and ldap server address settings. Comments or questions welcomed.