Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Windows 2003 Server Hang Issue

Action plan 1 - procedure to generate the MPS reports:

*can be generated at any point of time.

On your system a CAB file will be generated for your convenience in the %systemroot%\MPSReports\Setup\<Report Type>\Cab directory called:

Action plan 2 - to collect Poolmon logs:

*need to run till the issue occurs.

Poolmon: Download the tool online and run the batch file _logpoolmon-as-a-service.cmd in the poolmon folder,

a.     The logs will be generated in the same folder where the poolmon is downloaded to. (Eg. Desktop or C drive)

b.      The complete log folder (Poolmon output) can be used for the analysis

Action plan 3 - System monitor (Performance Monitor):

*need to run till the issue occurs.

We can monitor the performance on the server where you are facing the problem. Please follow the below mentioned commands to setup a remote performance monitoring to this server.

          - Permanently disable all screen savers on the server.

         - As the server hangs so we would have to remotely monitor the server (with the issue) from another Windows 2003 server which does not have any issues and enough drive space.. 

         - Go to the PC (without any issues). Start, Run and type "Perfmon" (without quotation marks) and press OK. 

         - Expand Performance Logs and Alerts. Highlight Counter Logs and right click in the right pane to bring up a menu. From this menu, select "New Log Settings". Give this log a name.

         - Press Add counters. Type in the server name that we want to monitor (Example: in the format: \\Servername) in the "Select counters from computer:" drop-down. 

         - Add "All counters" and "All instances" each of the following objects: 

             Network Interface 
             Paging File 
             Physical Disk 
             Server Work Queues 
         - Set the Interval for every 15 Seconds. 
         - Click on the Log Files tab and set Log file type to Binary Circular File and a Limit of 800,000 KB. Please make sure where the Log is currently save have enough disk space to accommodate.

         - Go to the schedule tab, set the schedule for "Stop Log- Manually" and "Start Log- Manually. 

Here is an article for reference: 248345 How to Create a Log Using System Monitor in Windows 2000

Action plan 4 - procedure to generate a complete memory dump when the server hangs:

We can configure the machine for a complete memory dump with a registry setting.

Here are the instructions for configuring the machine so that we can create a complete memory dump
First make sure that the machine is setup to get a complete memory dump: 
        1)   In Control Panel, Select the System Applet 
        2)   Select the Advanced tab 
        3)   Click the "Startup and Recovery" button 
        4)   Under the "Write Debugging Information" section select: 
              "Complete Memory Dump" from the drop down menu 
        5)   Make sure the check mark is placed on: 
              "Overwrite any existing file" 
        6)   Make sure that there is a paging file (pagefile.sys) on the System Drive and that it is at least RAM + (.5 x RAM). 
        7)   Also make sure there is more space on the hard drive than there is physical RAM 

Second, configure the system for a dump memory: 
        8)   Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe).  
        9)   Locate the following key in the registry:   
        10) On the Edit menu, click Add Value, and then add the following registry value: 
              Value Name: CrashOnCtrlScroll   
              Data Type: REG_DWORD   
              Value: 1  
        11) Quit Registry Editor.
        12) Then reboot the machine.  

Now, hold down the RIGHT CTRL key, and press the RIGHT SCROLL LOCK key twice.  

You can use for all the action plan to fix the server hang issues.
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