Thursday, January 10, 2013

Samsung unveils bendable, unbreakable display Youm

Korean electronic giant Samsung seems to be inching closer to smartphones with flexible screens. At the ongoing trade fair Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, the company showcased Youm, a flexible and unbreakable display concept. The display technology was initially showcased by the South Korean manufacturer in 2011 and has been improved over the years. 

Youm displays are made using OLED and will be impervious to cracks even when dropped from a height, according to a Samsung executive. A technology of the future, Youm was shown on a screen measuring 5-inch (diagonally), having close to 720p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. The prototype had a wraparound screen that covered the right side of the device and could be used to view stock tickr and such information, thus providing more screen space to users. 

During the keynote, Samsung also showed a video detailing the possibilities for this display technology. The video showed that the display could be folded like a wallet or a book as well as rolled up. 

However, according to technology news website The Verge, the prototype showcased at CES 2013 lacked some of the key features of phones, such as radios, operating system, camera etc. Without these essential features, the display - in its current form - can only be used to display images, but performs no functions. 

The conference also had Microsoft chief technology officer Eric Rudder who showed a Windows Phone 8-powered device having the flexible display panel. This prototype could be bent into wavy patterns according to the whims and fancies of users.

Speculation is rife that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV will have an unbreakable and maybe even flexible display and this demo gives some credence to these rumours.